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CD-R's have become a widely used medium in the transfer of data. Our duplicating system gives us flexibility in the types of data that may be transferred to disk.

CD-R, CD-A and CD-X are all viable formats for this system. Information and programs stored on floppy or zip disks may also be burned onto a CD. After the disks are completed, titles, logos, or other information may be printed directly on the CD via a Rimage thermal printer produced specifically for this application.

If you are looking to put your video onto a CD, we offer video encoding to MPEG-1.

MPEG Encoding
Specifications: MPEG-1 video is full screen, NTSC/VHS resolution (352 x 240), 30 frames per second. MPEG is non-linear digital video. The audio portion of MPEG-1 is stereo CD quality. When played on a normal computer (one without a special decoding video card), the MPEG video will play in a window that is 352 by 240 pixels, since that widow size represents a full screen to a standard video card.

There are video cards with special MPEG decoders onboard which easily play full screen MPEG1 on a high resolution computer monitor. Since MPEG is native to all computers, merely activating an MPEG file will invoke the system's player and begin playing the video file.

Playing MPEG Video: MPEG files can be played directly from a CD, or downloaded from a Web site.

MPEG Quality: Good quality MPEG-1 video compares well to VHS video. But, in order to get good quality MPEG-1 you must use high quality encoders.

Although 70 minutes of video can be recorded to a CD, we recommend a maximum of 45 min on each CD for optimum playback quality.



Did You Know...
   Direct to CD full     color labeling is     now available as     well as a choice     of packaging     from 1 color to 4     colors.



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