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We can duplicate your DVD's and print
directly in Full Color.

We utilize state-of-the-art, automated robotic equipment for crystal clear images. Perfect copies every time.

DVD has become the format of choice lately. It is cutting edge, very portable, and can be highly interactive. Everything from sales presentations and training programs to home movies can be distributed in high quality video. If your video is currently on tape, we can encode it directly to a DVD-Video compliant disc which will play on the majority of set-top players and computer based drives currently in use. If your program is already on DVD, you may rest assured that each copy we make will be just as spectacular as your original. Larger orders or projects that require special handling can be sent out to a replication plant where a glass master will be made and the discs will be manufactured.Two of the most important advantages we have are the ability to print directly onto the disc face and our commitment to turning projects around quickly. We do not use ink jet technology or paper labels for either of our printing options, black only or full color. Your image is transferred thermally to the disc face for a clean, professional appearance. Most projects, depending on their size and scope, can be delivered in 2-5 working days. We even have the option to make partial deliveries if that suits your needs.

The term "disc duplication" refers to the process of burning data, music or video onto pre-manufactured optical media. We can use your authored DVD as a master copy or encode your video tape to disc in our control room and then make copies from the resulting DVD.After duplicating the discs, they move into the printing process. We use thermal technology to achieve a high quality, professional look on the discs. Our black only print works very well for labels comprised of text and/or line art logos. The full color option returns beautiful images which rival magazine quality printing. Thermal printing is used for both the black and color options. The image is transferred directly onto the disc face via a heated print head. We do not use ink jet printers or paper labels.One issue that remains when discussing DVD-R media is compatibility with some set-top players and DVD-ROM drives. Although the compatibility rate is very high, 93-95% according to the industry, it may be possible for a perfectly good disc not to play. The problem is normally seen in older machines that were manufactured before DVD-Recordable discs hit the market.

"DVD replication" refers to the manufacturing process a disc undergoes at a replication plant. This process includes creating a glass master, and pressing the information into the disc as it is created. This is the manner in which most commercially reproduced DVD's are made.

DVD Encoding We can encode your video to DVD format from numerous different formats. Our encoding service is performed in real time...





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  Lintel offers direct to DVD full color labeling

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